Business English Consultancy

    Business English consultancy and English language consultancy have many facets. I will mention just a few, to give examples of how I can be of assistance to you and/or your company.

    Sales Support

    Knowledge of language is only half of the equation. You also need to know how your customers think.

    Without knowledge of culture and (often unwritten) codes of conduct, there are simply too many ways in which you could inadvertently offend someone. This is not what you want when trying to conclude a successful business relationship.

    I have given sales support in Africa, Asia, Russia, Europe and the United Kingdom.

    german english business english consultancy

    Company Presentations

    I have helped people to improve their company presentations.

    This can be as a group, or individually. In both cases, the presentation is checked for clarity, structure, content and language and you have plenty of opportunities to practice your presentation. You will get valuable feedback on the aspects previously mentioned.

    Interview Practice

    I have conducted interview practice in English for job applicants.

    We covered elements such as articulation, vocabulary and speed. This was a classic role-play situation, with opportunities to practise interviews with different types of interviewer.

    Your chances of getting that dream job increase significantly as a result.

    Bilingual Schools

    I have spent time in bilingual schools, helping to improve the quality of the lessons that take place in English.

    I observed the lessons and gave feedback and suggestions for improvement. The teachers requested this themselves and they found the time very well spent.


    I performed voice-over work for the Corona project in Aachen, as well as several marketing and training videos.

    I can also help with translations and know native speakers of many diverse languages. Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements.

    These are just some examples of what I mean by ‘Business English consultancy’ and ‘English language consultancy’. If you need a native speaker to help you with something, I can be of service. Please feel free to get in touch with me to discuss your requirements.