How To Improve International Communication

    • Are you worried about losing business due to language limitations?improve international communication
    • Are you daunted by the prospect of communicating in English?
    • Are you aware of important cultural differences?

    There is no need to lose sleep over this. Help is at hand from a qualified and experienced professional, who will provide the help you need to improve international communication.

    I spent roughly half my adult life in England and the other half in Germany. This puts me in an ideal position to offer language services for German companies who are looking to improve international communication. This also applies to companies looking to move into international markets who want to avoid unnecessary problems.

    A lot of the time, you spend time and effort making sure that your sentences are correct. Despite this, the audience still don’t understand you. This is often because of cultural differences between Germany and your target country. You don’t just need to understand the language, you also need to understand the people and their mentality.

    This is where my expertise will help you.

    Why me?

    • I am a qualified TESOL/TEFL trainer, with Business English specialisation.
    • I have over 25 years’ experience as a software developer, for various technical industries.
    • I dealt with customers and was involved in sales support and presentations, both in Germany and abroad.
    • I translated the software, user manuals and marketing material from German to English.

    In other words, I have valuable practical experience and can really relate to your staff and their environment. I can really help you to improve international communication.

    What happens next?

    During my first visit, I will analyse your requirements, together with the level of ability.

    For example:

    • Do your sales people need to practise presentation skills, conversation skills, …?improve international communication
    • Do your technical support staff need practice writing, telephoning, …?
    • Is the subject matter technical or general?
    • Who and where are the intended audience?

    We will answer these questions (and others) during the initial requirements analysis and you will receive a written report with details of the findings.

    In addition to language training, I can also assess your translation needs, if required. The analysis takes about 1 hour and there will be no charge. Along with your free report, I will present you with a quote for the work identified.

    How does it work?

    I will come to your company and do the training on your premises. This reduces the travel time to zero for your employees. Why have 10-12 people travel when 1 is all that is needed?

    Practice makes perfect and practising material relevant to your business makes perfect sense.

    The lessons are tailored to suit you, which gives you benefits that are immediate and relevant.

    For example:improve international communication

    • sales staff can use their own company presentations as part of the lesson material
    • support staff can enact real situations and learn how to work more effectively
    • role-play scenarios use your industry topics, with your specific terminology

    All this means that your staff will have more confidence and will perform more effectively.

    You invest considerable time, energy and money into building and maintaining a serious international reputation. International communication is a vital part of that reputation and you owe it to yourself to do it properly.

    Just one thing to bear in mind …

    I do all the work myself, which means that my time is a limited resource.

    In order to avoid disappointment, please contact me and make an appointment for your initial requirements analysis.

    Better still, do it now!

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