It has been my pleasure to work together with many companies and individuals.

    Here is a selection:


    People say the kindest things:

    “The lessons were always very entertaining and fun and I learned a lot. My highlight was giving a workshop in English in the summer. I wouldn’t have dared to do that without the appropriate training.” – CK

    “Always really fast, professional and friendly.” – JM

    “Special mention should be made of the excellent quality of the translations, the reliable consulting service and Derek’s flexibility and speed.” – SC

    “We have worked very successfully with Mr. Derek Smith for many years. He has translated numerous texts of various kinds for us. These include marketing and sales brochures, websites, blog and technical articles, white papers, narration scripts and presentation materials. We appreciate the excellent quality of his work as well as his professionalism and personality. His ability to adapt quickly and flexibly to the requirements of the translation work in question and to choose the right language style is also outstanding. His reliability and flexibility are invaluable to us. We can fully recommend Mr. Derek Smith.” – AR

    “Mr. Smith has fulfilled all the demands made on him in the very best way and to a far above-average standard. In particular, his translation work is of excellent quality, as Mr. Smith has already produced several translations for one of our more demanding customers. In addition to his first-class translations, Mr. Smith’s job is to train the communication skills of our non-native-speaking customers, both in their professional and everyday lives. Thanks to a clear and comprehensible structure as well as a creative and practice-oriented lesson plan, the participants were able to expand their knowledge considerably after only a short time. Mr. Smith succeeded in the best sense of the word in inspiring and motivating the participants for his lessons. In his incredibly competent manner and with his enormous detailed knowledge, Mr. Smith is able to prepare our course participants for a wide range of topics. For example, dialogues are practised, written correspondence is improved and general communication skills are trained. We will continue to use Mr. Smith’s services in the future and can recommend him without reservation.” – OS

    “Derek gives employee English classes at our company. It is a very good opportunity to talk to a native speaker. We also learn ‘new’ words and go into certain grammatical cases in detail, but the main thing is free discussion. For me this was just the right mix.” – AM

    “Derek is great. Professional and always positive. Top.” – NC

    “The lessons were very varied and Derek was always encouraging.” – RJ

    “A great native-speaking trainer, who is able to respond to the individual needs of his course participants and to convey the contents very well.” – OS