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    Discover the advantages of a local Business English course in Geilenkirchen

    I also offer valuable services to you in the Geilenkirchen region: with my Business English course for you in the Geilenkirchen area (incl. Alsdorf, Baesweiler, Übach-Palenberg, …), I support and train you and your employees linguistically and ensure improved communication with customers and partners.

    Use my language skills for your company in Geilenkirchen

    Geilenkirchen is a medium-sized town in North Rhine-Westphalia with a population of approximately 28,000.

    Situated between Aachen, Düsseldorf and Heinsberg and directly on the Dutch border, Geilenkirchen is idyllic and rural.

    The town promises an international flair due to the location of the AWACS airbase (Teveren). The NATO air base Geilenkirchen is an important regional economic factor.

    Due to the 4 well-structured and assorted industrial estates (Fürsthenrode, Selka, Niederheid and Niederheid-Süd), Geilenkirchen has become a nationally successful, important business location in the district of Heinsberg.

    In recent years, a diverse mix of industries with nationally and internationally active companies has emerged.

    In other words: there is also a growing need for Business English training in Geilenkirchen!

    English skills are often ignored

    With my Business English training, I make companies and enterprises in the Geilenkirchen area fit for the international business world. Would you like your company to win over customers and partners across national borders? Then you should find out how my company in the Geilenkirchen area can support you effectively.

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    How does Business English training help your company in Geilenkirchen?

    Effective and efficient communication saves time and, as we know, time is money.

    Sales staff appear confident and solid and this has a positive effect on your entire organization. This creates trust and, as a result, orders.

    Support staff find the solution faster. Your customers are satisfied and know you are taking good care of them. They feel they are in safe hands.

    Technical staff are not limited to German websites when googling. They can juat as easily use English texts for help.

    No colleague is afraid to communicate in English. They can concentrate on the essentials and make the most of their power and energy.

    business english course geilenkirchen

    Competent Business English course by qualified and experienced native speaker at your company

    business english course geilenkirchen

    For your company: tailor-made Business English course for Geilenkirchen and the surrounding area

    business english course geilenkirchen

    With Business English training, you can communicate more effectively with your customers and partners

    Why should I teach English courses for you in Geilenkirchen?

    Before starting my own business, I worked for software companies in England and Germany. I not only developed software but also worked in the areas of design, testing, documentation, training, customer support and sales support. Therefore, I am not only familiar with the technical aspects but also with day-to-day company life.

    Having lived and worked in England and Germany, I am particularly familiar with the cultural differences between the two countries. This is very important when dealing with foreign customers and partners and I can convey the linguistic subtleties and nuances to your employees. This makes smooth and efficient cooperation possible.

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    I can certainly help your company in Geilenkirchen linguistically as well.

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    What my customers say:

    As a service-oriented company, I am really happy when my services receive a good response from my customers. Here, I present some comments from satisfied customers. With this in mind, I am committed to your satisfaction and the success of your business every day.

    “His reliability and flexibility are invaluable to us. We can wholeheartedly recommend working with Mr. Derek Smith.”

    “Mr. Smith succeeded in the best sense of the word in getting the participants excited and motivated for his lessons.”

    “A great native speaker trainer who caters to the individual needs of his course participants and is able to convey the content very well.”

    “Derek is just great. Professional and always positive. Top.”

    Find out about Business English training for your company in Geilenkirchen and the surrounding area:

    • tailor-made English courses for companies in Geilenkirchen
    • qualified and experienced native speaker
    • Business English courses on your premises
    • confident and self-assured communication
    • learn linguistic and cultural differences

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